One Step Ahead

“Once you were born and brought up  into this world and had once made your Mark – you never really stop existing again. Yes, even after death. Believe me.”

The ghost of you came out from a little bit bigger now than the normal opening of the vertical line that is in your forehead – the very next second before this worldly body is shuts down completely i.e. the drum beating of your heart stops beating. This uncertain end but which is so certain for you were given a notice prior to 10 days before through a voice from up above and that is when –  as once appointed ‘From dust you are taken and to dust you shall return’  appeared in your life sentence.  It comes without meaning,  it departs in darkness and in darkness its name is shrouded!

The Human body –  Clothe us with skin and flesh and knit us together with bones and sinews – “ I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin. I will put breath in you and you will come to life.” And then, there was a noise, a Rattling sound and the bones come together – bone to bone, tendons and flesh appeared on them and skin covered them. And God breathed into his Nostrils – the Breath of Life!

But then,  what is good in life during the few and meaningless days they pass through like a shadow ?  Who can tell them what will happen under the sun after they are gone ? What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanished so does our days – they quickly pass! But do not mortals have a hard service on Earth – all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another ? Are not their days like those of a hired laborers ? A hired labourer waiting to be paid ? Like a slave longing for the evening shadows ?  As a cloud vanishes and is gone – so one who goes down to the grave does not return.  He wil never come to his home again,  his place will know him no more.  And naked we came into this world and we can take nothing out of it.  But then, will your days come to an End without Hope ?

For death is the destiny of everyone and the spirit  returns to God who gave it to you !  Afterall,  the human spirit is the Lamp of the Almighty that sheds light on one’s inmost being!  And the  Human Body with all its Glory so that the Holy Spirit, too, may dwell in it – In your Heart!

But who knows if a human spirit Rises Upward or Goes Down inside the Earth?  For you still exists!

For you still exists and seeing them –  your near and dear ones – shedding tears of agonies over you, it hurts you! You try to console them but they neither see you nor hear you anymore! You talk to them but they were deaf to your pledging voices. Then, slowly realization dawns on you that you are a spirit and in a spirit world now. The ghost of you can still cry in Regrets,  Remorse and in Sadness! You can feel Joy and Happiness and Gladness, too. But no more Pain you can feel for pain comes along with this living worldly body only and here on Earth!

But then,  do realize then that the love of the Immortal still follows you granting you another 40days on Earth and among the human though you were already a spirit and invisible to the human naked eyes! But first things first – In that special 1 hour of the 24 hours that day one’s departed- standing and looking down at your lifeless and still body, you will notice that a light is shining down on you from the cloud above you and through that light – you alone- will hear a voice saying to you: ”Fly Up.” Then, the light is gone! And then, inside of that light you find yourself ascending till you reach the cloud where the light comes from!

But then, just after that voice, a cloud formed around your feetsupto your knees taking you up and you will find yourself standing tall on top of the Ozone Layer. Then the same voice wil say to you “Look down on the Earth- the world I have created. I am the possessors of Heaven and Hell. Enjoy the view-is not it beautiful.” ? But the voice did not expect you to answer it! And the Ghost of you is allow to stay and look down at this beautiful world of ours- spinning in its glory in blue color- the oceans, the landmasses and its inhabiters- human and animals: your home, your parents, relatives and friends, your hometown or your city, your homestate and your motherland and the whole world as well, for 10 minutes.!

When 10 minutes passed, the same voice will again say to you –“Go back down to Earth amongst the human for you have another 40 days to spend on Earth.” Then, that same cloud that took you up will again takes you down to Earth all over again.

So, during these 40 days in a spirit world as you yourself is a spirit by now- How will you spend? Where will you go? And what will you do?

You can spend them in your own home and still share the same table or breakfast, lunch and dinner together with your dearly loved family members as you once did before. And go to the same bed and wake up again the same time and go visiting your friends in school or college or university or office! But the ghost of you cannot talk to them but human can talk to you and you understand what they were saying to you!

Or should you go for Revenge on someone who bullied you in your childhood days? Or  Against someone who mistreated you in your workplace ? Or against someone high ups who harassed and exploited you verbally and sexually ? Or against someone who borrowed you money and does not care to pay you back in your lifetime? Remember: the ghost of a woman can tackles the ghost of 10 Men.  Should I say – spirit world belongs to women! And more powerful if sported a long hair (wigs?) and died along with it! But for men – it is the opposite! You may or may not go for Revenge on the human for it depends on you, the invisible against the visible- you now have the advantage for the Almighty is a ghost too, but a Holy Ghost.

You can, too, go visiting places or countries that you very much wanted to or longed to visit and see but were not able to (Maybe –you never really have the time or money crunched) during your lifetime. Yes, board a bus or auto or take a taxi and go visiting places!  And you can go to airport and board a plane as the living human do and fly to any country! No luggages. Remember – non can disturb or harass you because you are invisible to human naked eyes. Even dark spirits will not torment or harass you because the Almighty allows you so. Therefore, go rocking all around the world and that’s too, without any expenditure from your side.

After the completion of the 40 days and on the 40th early morning from one’s departed – you will find yourself the same place exactly where the ghost of you left your worldly body. Maybe, your private bedroom, hospital or accident site, etc. though you were buried or cremented elsewhere for the Almighty will be your transporter eventhough you were somewhere else or stil abroad!

NOW, you are standing in front of the Son of Man. God will bring into judgement both the Righteous and the wicked for the God of gods does not show favouritism. And that now, whatever is has already been and what will be has been before and the Almighty will call your whole past life to account. He will repay each person according to what they have done while alive. To those who by persistence in doing good- Glory, Honor and Immortality. But those who are self-seeking and those who does not even know him or worshiping other gods rather than the God of gods- who is the possessor of Heaven and Hell – there will be wrath and anger! For He is the only living God of gods who can Bless or Destroy both your body and your soul in Purgatory or inside the Earth.

It does really matter now, my friends, which God you loved and served and worshiped. Or you worshiped no gods (athiest) or you worshiped false gods and not the God of gods while still alive. Because after Death – It is now, too late. Therefore, shall not you enquire and make search and ask diligently while alive?

And now that you are standing in front of the Son of Man – will there be a Light shining down on you from a cloud above and shine like the brightness of the heavens like the stars forever and ever? Or rather – will the invisible force of the left hand fist of fury from above hits you? And letting you go down to shame and everlasting contempt from lack of knowledge inside of the Earth!

Know that the Prince of this dark world is prowling like a Roaring Lion looking for someone to devour and making them one of his devoted Angels. They (dark spirits) come from your own desires that battle within you as they are from the world and the world listens to them as they have the appearance of wisdom but human wisdom! And they often entice and outwit us and taken them Captive to do the will of the Prince of this dark world due to our Lack of Self-Control. And wickedness does not Release those who practice it so easily ever again.

The Prince of this dark world do granted the ghost of you the chance to Re-incarnate(not in the true sense of the term) but like the Orc-condemned disfigured, deformed and distorted worldly body(again) of the human species and living inside of the South Hemisphere of the Earth and they can exit from the South Pole only. With Red Eye people lording or ruling over them as they are higher in hierarchy! Your spirit form can exit from the south pole and fly up in the air and take part in the good fight- the Holy War!

So, you have no Rest and no Peace trying to defend the Earth from someone who will destroy our cities and from turning this beautiful world of ours into a burning furnace of sulphur. Therefore, ever ready and alert to fight and to defeat that someone whose coming or appointed hour or day is unknown but they know the Time is Near.

But then, if there is a Light shining down on you from the cloud above, then, you fly up inside that Rounded Light while dark spirits will hover around you trying to prevent you from reaching the cloud above you. But they were afraid to touch the light because they knew that mere touching of that Light would sets them ablaze. But still then, with great fury- they will throw black stones, sword and knife at you, shoot you with flaming arrows and bullets and sneer at you menacingly trying to prevent you from reaching the above cloud. Remember- do not look to your right side or left side but up and straight at the source of the Light to speed your reaching the cloud. And on passing amongst that cloud – in a Flash, in the twinkling of an eye- you will be changed and be clothe with heavenly body. And then, you are heading towards Purgatory.

The Almighty do granted the same old human you the chance to Re-incarnate again here on Earth but only after 1 thousand years passed you by and in a different time and place.

Have you been neglecting the spiritual side of your Precious life lately? And busy with human concerns only and polluted by the world? Watch you Life and Doctrine closely!

Gob Bless.







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